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Do any of these statements
about money apply to you?

  • You have felt crushed and exhausted by the pursuit of money.
  • You've put dreams on hold because you can't "afford" it.
  • You undercharge or are underpaid, or you believe that people can't afford you or won't pay you what you want... you flinch when stating your fee.
  • You secretly fear that you can't have, or manage, big wealth.
  • You're worried about losing what you have.
  • Money has damaged important relationships in your life.
  • You can't seem to make the money you desire from doing what you LOVE.

Hi, I’m Morgana Rae

Hi, I’m Morgana Rae

I’m an international #1 best selling author, and I’m regarded to be the world’s leading Relationship with Money Coach.

My unique approach to wealth creation has featured me on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, NPR, CNN, United Press International, Wall Street Journal online, and hundreds of radio shows and magazines around the world.

I've coached tens of thousands of clients just like you.

Because of my ability to help my clients skyrocket their financial and personal success, I command consulting and coaching fees of tens of thousands of dollars.

Many of my private clients say investing in a session with me is the BEST decision they ever made... not just for their financial lives (including income of 5, 6, and 7 figures), but for their self-confidence, self-love, romantic relationships, health, and happiness.

These are the results I want for you.

Morgana has been featured on...

Unfortunately, I can't be in all places at all times... and I've reduced the number of people I work with privately to ONLY FOUR CLIENTS a year.

So I created a NEW program to serve the Best of the Best outside my private practice...

Now, for the first time ever, I'm offering a

for people who are highly committed to creating RAPID RESULTS.


I've gathered together the HIGHEST IMPACT things I do with my PRIVATE clients, and assembled them here, EXCLUSIVELY for my online Financial Alchemy Academy, to help you:

  • eradicate your Money Monster for good!
  • establish your NEW relationship with money... your "money honey."
  • destroy unconscious decisions that have limited your success.
  • install WINNING STRATEGIES for love, money, health, and happiness.
  • improve your relationships.
  • resolve negative emotional issues quickly and easily.
  • create a compelling, desirable future that naturally PULLS you forward.

Not only do my clients' financial lives change, they report breakthroughs in other areas of life... most noticeably in Romance, Health, and Self Esteem.

Take a look at a few examples:

Linda Crawford

“WOW...Sistah...since committing to your online Financial Alchemy Academy Program...

  • 2 speeding tickets I got came back as checks in my name in the mail as the Court of Queens Bench deemed them inappropriate (when does that ever happen????),
  • unexpected $2300 Income Tax return credit to me,
  • increased my pricing and packaging this morning and
  • sold my first new and improved ultimate package for $1575 this afternoon
  • not ONE but TWO offers on our house.....
  • not to mention so so many other gracious acts of kindness all around me....This stuff is magic and so am I....sending love.... ”
Linda Crawford, Alberta, Canada,
Chris Clavio

“Before I could say a thing my client handed me $7,800 and told me he would have more for me in the next few weeks. ”

Chris Clavio
ElinAnna Bjarnadottir

“After working with Morgana my financial situation changed drastically. Even when my husband lost his job our lives actually improved. Our financial strength allowed us to enjoy the increased time together and you could say that we had our second honeymoon for nearly a whole year.

ElinAnna Bjarnadottir, Arizona
Joslyn Zale

My life is more fabulous, rich, and filled with love now than it has ever been. I can say without exaggeration that it improves daily and effortlessly with new insights, creations, and releases of other limiting beliefs. I can access this part of myself whenever I choose. It is so EASY

Joslyn Zale, Florida
Laura Koehne

“Not only have I attracted more spontaneity to my life but more money too – $10,000 within 48 hours of our first session! No kidding. Fueled by your solid wisdom and fun approach, I find the new clients and checks continue to show up steadily and I'm having a blast. Thank you Money! Thank you Morgana!”

Laura Koehne, Professional Coach, North Carolina
Daniel Rosenstein

“I feel so different now. I feel lighter, happier and more self confident. I feel like now it's safe and good for me to take action on starting my own Internet Marketing business.”

Daniel Rosenstein
Rush Cole

“I've begun referring to my financial wealth as simply 'cash'; I no longer equate it with my Money Honey. What he is constantly giving to me is fine and rare, pure and precious, that I feel as if I am living the most wonderful dream I could ever have... True wealth is the sense of profound well-beingness that comes with knowing that we are loved for ourselves, just as we are... And now, I have Money, too! Blessed Be, Morgana, I am so glad that you and I are in the world at the same time! Thank you for sharing your gift.”

Rush Cole, New Mexico

Here's what I give you,
to help YOU have your Breakthrough:

Module 1

Module 1: Make Money Fall In Love With You

It all starts here, and the results can show up instantly.

Money is the #1 excuse for people not living their dreams, so we shift your relationship with money FIRST, so results can be achieved in other areas (romance, family, health, business) quickly and easily.

You're about to have a liaison with money that you never expected.

Prepare to be swept off your feet!

Module 1

Module 2: Beyond The "Money Honeymoon"

It's not enough to have a cute imaginary Money Honey.

You're going to have a relationship with money until the day you die, so you better make it a good one!

What do you do when you can't "hear" your Money Honey clearly?

What do you do when something appears to go wrong?

How do you raise your living standards and Magnify your Magnetism IMMEDIATELY?

How do you make the relationship last?

This module will teach you how to skyrocket your net worth and your self worth. Feel the love.

Module 1

Module 3: Raise Your Standards And Your Self Esteem

Tired of all that heavy, slow "inner" work to create prosperity and happiness? Groan.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait another decade (or four) to resolve all my inner insecurities before I start making a living. So I'm going to give you a shortcut.

Raise your standards and be authentic.

This module is all about being who you really are and getting what you really want. When you raise your standards and your self-esteem, confidence and cash follow naturally.

This module's lesson will totally rock your world, in a very good way.

Because your Money Honey looooooves to see the REAL you!

Module 1

Module 4: Obliterate Limiting Patterns and Beliefs

Who says you can't change the past? (People who haven't done this module, that's who!)

Get ready for less friction, baby.

This module will get down to the deep unconscious root of any limitation, and transmute it into a new success strategy that operates on all levels of consciousness.

One more thing: you can use these tools on ANYTHING, not just money. Cause they're all related, aren't they? A little tweak in one place can cause the most delightful miracle somewhere else...

Module 1

Module 5: Money Magnet Mastery

I reviewed over 1,000 burning "How do I become a Money Magnet?" questions and picked the top few dozen to answer on camera, unscripted, just for you.

Questions like:
  • - How do I make big money if I don't have a lot of money to invest?
  • - How do I attract high-paying clients when the people who want to work with me "can't afford" me?
  • - How do I become a money magnet without marketing myself?
  • - How do I stay on track if my partner has a terrible relationship with money?
  • - How do I change my relationship with money when I'm stressed out and scared for the future?
  • - How long does it take to work?
Module 1

Module 6: Graduation! Create An Irresistible Future That Creates Itself

How do you keep the momentum going? How do we protect you from being seduced by other people's money monsters?

I walk you through my super-effective (and easy-peasy) Systems and Structures to support you and make success unavoidable...

Next I take you through a process that CREATES the future you want and programs it into you as if it's already happened, so life rises up to BRING you your dreams, "as if" by magic. (My own experience with process still shocks the socks off of me!)


The Home Study Course Gives You:

  • 6 multi-media modules
  • 11 videos
  • 12 PDF downloads
  • 4 transformational audios
  • Dynamic checklists to track your progress
  • Check-ins with your Money Honey every step of the way

This is my most THOROUGH Financial Alchemy product.

I designed it to give you the EXPERIENCE of
being walked through my coaching program...

And I wanted to make it even BETTER...
so I added BONUSES!

Bonus 1

Bonus #1 $20,000 Coaching Demo

An audio recording of an actual Financial Alchemy coaching demonstration. Katie Curtin received $10,000 out of the blue--without asking--the very next day... immediately after she took the action she committed to at the end of this Financial Alchemy coaching session. She eventually attracted $20,000 from unexpected sources, and she moved to another country to establish her dream career. (This is a $697 value.)

Bonus 1

Bonus #2 Money Magnet Online Self-Assessments

Discover exactly where you are in your Relationship with Money. Get your score for magnetism with the exclusive Money Magnet Online Assessment. ($97 value)

Joe McCreary

“This is a weird approach but it works! I have slain money monsters from my life at different ages, from past lives and even alternative realities. I slayed some new ones and can now say "My financial situation is perfect" and just have a warm glow rather than some remaining negative feelings. I don't often write testimonials and I want to thank you very very much. I feel great.”

Joe McCreary
Sarah Hoskin Clymer

“Through Financial Alchemy, I was able to create a whole new relationship with money. This relationship not only allows me to show up as a wealthy, empowered, successful woman, but gently demands it. And this has in turn rippled out into every area of my life so that I am now a wealthy woman in every sense of the word. Thank you, Morgana and Financial Alchemy. I am so grateful.”

Sarah Hoskin Clymer, Colorado

Yes Morgana!

I'm ready for Abundance and Prosperity NOW!

I hope you'll join me. It's your life and your relationship with money on the line, and I want to give you what you need to live the life of your dreams.

Money Magnet Rapid Transformation Breakthrough Online Curriculum

Turn your relationship with money into a LOVE STORY for Life!

  • 6 multi-media modules
  • 11 videos
  • 4 transformational audios
  • 12 pdf downloads
  • Dynamic checklists to track your progress
  • Check-ins with your Money Honey every step of the way
Value: $2,997

$20,000 Coaching Demo

Eavesdrop on a coaching session that resulted in $20,000 of unexpected income!

Value: $997

3 Online Money Magnet Self-Assessments

Discover exactly where you are in your Relationship with Money

Value: $97




$497 or 4 payments of $150

I’m assured this online transaction is 100% secure.

Ann Rusnak

“Major thanks for your program. It allowed me to take the past year off without financial worries. Giving me plenty of time to decide what I wanted to do with my life.”

Ann Rusnak, Ohio